Get secure, authorized connections to small business accounting and business platforms

Connect is a simple and intuitive application for instantly connecting small business accounting, banking, payments, and commerce systems with financial services like lending underwriting, auditing, insurance, and more. Immediately improve your onboarding process and offer a smooth customer experience.

Get secure, authorized connections to small business accounting and business platforms

Improve the small business customer journey

With only three steps, you can access the accounting and business data insights you need to make automated lending decisions or review quickly.

Improve the small business customer journey
Improve the small business customer journey






Drastically upgrade how you onboard small business clients

Wield the power of open finance to access or provide instant, secure insights for small business clients with no need for manual calculations or paperwork. Modernize underwriting workflows, efficiently conduct ongoing financial monitoring, and capture and retain more small business customers.

Integrate with major small business software platforms in markets worldwide

Looking to expand? We offer real-time access to market-leading small business software, including QuickBooks Online, Oracle Netsuite, Zoho Books, Sage Intacct, and many more. All data is fully normalized and offered in a streamlined format along with our robust AI insights and full push and pull functionality.

  • We integrate with QuickBooks data
  • We integrate with Xero data
  • We integrate with ClearBooks data
  • We integrate with FreeAgent data
  • We integrate with FreshBooks data
  • We integrate with ReckonOne data
  • We integrate with Wave Accounting data
  • We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 data
  • We integrate with Saasu data
  • We integrate with Sage data
  • We integrate with MYOB data
  • We integrate with ZohoBooks data
  • We integrate with Sage Intacct data
  • We integrate with Exact Online data
  • We integrate with Harvest data
  • We integrate with Clio data

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect is not a standalone product. It uses the Precise API to obtain client-permissioned access to accounting, banking, payments, and commerce software. Connect is included if you use the Precise API to help your business clients sync their accounts with you seamlessly.

When you’re using the Precise API, a client is asked to share their business information and is prompted to provide direct access to all accounting, banking, payments, and commerce systems. They do this by logging on to their existing accounts. Connect will read all synced financial data and prompt the user to connect everything for a complete 360 financial overview. Once the client syncs their accounts, data is instantly available via the Precise API.

Your implementation time will vary depending on your company’s needs, requirements, and in-house resources. Development with the Precise API may take as little as one day to as long as several months, depending on the extent of your integration. Reach out to our sales team to get a more precise timeline.

Many companies don’t have a development team on standby to help implement new technologies. To help support smaller businesses, we have a full suite of solutions available to be deployed with no development to minimal development. Get set up in only one business day by contacting our sales team now.