A one-stop shop for small business cash flow management

Create scenarios for pivoting a business, export customized financial reports, and effortlessly connect with leading cloud accounting software. Our app is 100% free and trusted by companies in 48 countries worldwide.

A one-stop shop for small business cash flow management

Supported leading accounting software providers

  • We integrate with QuickBooks data
  • We integrate with Xero data
  • We integrate with Sage data
    Sage Business
  • We integrate with Netsuite data
  • We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 data
    Dynamics 365
  • We integrate with MYOB data
Forecast cash flow and Predict upcoming cash flow caps proactively

Forecast cash flow and predict upcoming cash flow gaps proactively

Set up and compare cash flow projections based on different financial scenarios, including planning loans, purchases, asset sales, or hiring or releasing employees. Assessing which plan of action suits your business needs are simplified when utilizing tools designed to predict future gains and losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forwardly connects with existing accounting software programs (like QuickBooks Online and Xero) and turns classic accounting statements into intuitive dashboards that give you quick financial insights. The Predict cash flow module provides detailed cash flow forecasts and scenario planning tools, which can help a business figure out the affordability it needs to grow and thrive.

Accountants can use Forwardly to help their clients proactively identify cash flow gaps. Forwardly offers 12-month rolling financial forecasts based on ForwardAI’s tried-and-tested technology. Forget about spreadsheets; avoid labor-intensive manual forecasting and start spending more time directly supporting your clients.

With a quick one-way sync to existing accounting software, small business owners can do more with their financial data without worrying about compromising their books. Want to play around with your vendors or see what your financial situation would be like without a key client? Our scenario tools allow you to create custom forecasts, including planning out loan terms, comparing wage increases, or figuring out if you can afford to buy a piece of new equipment.

Cash flow forecasting estimates a company’s future financial health and positioning by anticipating payments and receivables. Traditionally, this was done by accountants using complicated spreadsheets– some spreadsheets would take over an entire workday to fill in! With direct access to accounting software, we automate the process by generating 12-month rolling cash flow forecasts with only the single click of a “sync” button.

Without cash flow forecasting, a business may not know when cash is expected to come in or leave, and how much capital they have left to work with in the meantime. Cash flow forecasting helps small and medium-sized businesses plan for cash flow gaps and sustain business operations, even during sudden financial setbacks.

Small and medium-sized businesses need to understand when cash is expected to come in, what expenses are required, and how much money is available at any given time. Leveraging cash flow forecasting apps like Forwardly can help businesses deal with cash flow problems by ensuring there’s enough cash to sustain operations and stay afloat in the future.

Forwardly securely connects with leading accounting apps, including QuickBooks Online, Xero, MYOB, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Sage Business Cloud.