Pioneer New Data Streams in FinTech Platform using ForwardAI’s Exclusive Data Points

Our innovative technology products allow FinTech Platforms to normalize incoming business data into one universal format, regardless of the source of data.


Integrate data into your platform with the ForwardAI Precise API

Implement 160+ data points into your existing assessment software or client management

With a single integration, you can access normalized data from a variety of leading accounting software and banking providers. ForwardAI Precise can be up and running within a day and offers lenders a "Precise" look into a small business’s current and future financial health.

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Integrate easily with client data through ForwardAI Connect

Integrate easily with client data through ForwardAI Connect

Clients can use this portal to sync accounting data with your account so you can see all the insights you need. Works with leading small business accounting & banking software.

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