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ForwardAI prides itself on building and maintaining strong partnerships. Our partners have access to the most in-depth, forward-looking financial accounting data in the industry.

ForwardAI cash flow partnerships

Partner with ForwardAI to provide the most forward-looking accounting data in the market

Enhance your current services

Enhance your service offering to your customers by white labelling our technology or acting as a local sales agent. Partnering with us will:

  • Deliver incremental revenue streams
  • Deliver additional value to your own core services
  • Enhance relationships with your local customer base
  • Deliver a seamless onboarding and support infrastructure for your executives and sales team

ForwardAI works with several lending and banking technology partners to deliver a best-in-class digital business banking and lending experience. Some of the types of companies we work with include:

We partner with technology infrastructure companies
Technology Infrastructure companies
We partner with digital transformation consultants
Digital Transformation Consultants
We partner with FinTech consultants
FinTech consultants
We partner with FinTech marketplaces
FinTech marketplaces
We work with several partners
By joining our partner community, your business will have the opportunity to grow with ours. Contact us to find out more about the different ways we can help one another build our respective businesses.
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