Forward-Looking Accounting and Financial Data for Small Business Lending

ForwardAI is a lender-first API technology that delivers the most robust accounting & financial data suite for small business lending.

Become an Industry Leader

100 % +

More forward-looking data than any other service provider in market.

49 % +

More historical data than any other service provider in market.

40 % +

More data on KPI trends than any other service provider in market.

Worldwide industry leader in forward-looking data points

Based on 160+ data endpoints comparison (March 2021).

The ForwardAI Product Suite:

ForwardAI Precise

A simple, single, lender-first API that delivers the most robust suite of cash flow, accounting, and financial data for small business lending.

Discover Precise
ForwardAI Precise
Forward AI Access
ForwardAI Access

A white-label lender portal that allows lenders the ability to see deep critical insight into borrowers' financial health.

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ForwardAI Predict

A complimentary cash flow forecasting app designed to support accounting professionals & small business owners.

Discover Predict
ForwardAI Predict

Why use ForwardAI?

Accurately predict the future of financial health of a small business, faster.

Automated cash flow lending
Automate Cash Flow Lending

Real-time, short-term and long-term cash flow forecasting supported by numerous other data attributes.

API is simple to use
Simple to Use

Our API gets you up and running in less than a day.

100+ data points
Over 100 Forward Looking Data Points

ForwardAI’s API offers a precise picture of a small business' future financial health.

Accurate data bullseye
Most Accurate Data Sources

Real-time and direct integrations with all of the major accounting software systems.

Industry Solutions

Change the way you think about forward-looking cash flow data.


We make lending less complicated & less risky.

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FinTech Platforms

We provide normalized accounting & financial data

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See short-term forecasting data

We make it easier for you to help your small business clients.

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Small Business Owners

We make cash flow forecasting simple.

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We support the leading global small business accounting software systems and are continuously adding more partners.

We integrate with QuickBooks data
We integrate with ClearBooks data
We integrate with FreeAgent data
We integrate with Netsuite data
We integrate with FreshBooks data
We integrate with ZohoBooks data
Zoho Books
We integrate with ReckonOne data
Reckon One
We integrate with Wave Accounting data
We integrate with Sage data
We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 data
Microsoft Dynamics 365
We integrate with MYOB data
We integrate with Xero data