Free Cash Flow Forecasting for Proactive Small Business Owners & Accountants

Free Cash Flow Forecasting for Proactive Small Business Owners & Accountants

ForwardAI Predict is the easiest small business app for forecasting and avoiding cash flow gaps. Create scenarios for pivoting a business, export customized finance reports, and effortlessly connect with leading cloud accounting software. The ForwardAI Predict app is 100% free for however many businesses you need.

ForwardAI Predict

Predictive Forecasting and Scenario Planning

Pivot Businesses

Set up and compare cash flow projections based on different financial scenarios including planning loans, purchases, asset sales, or hiring or releasing employees. Assessing which plan of action suits your business needs are simplified when utilizing tools that are designed to predict future gains and losses.

Pivot Businesses

Avoid Cash Flow Gaps

Avoid Cash Flow Gaps

See What Financing Options are Possible

Whether the business needs to cover payroll, open a new location, remodel to match new regulations, or hire more staff, ForwardAI Predict can help you figure out affordability that you need to grow and thrive. Using advanced scenario projection tools, businesses can see and compare valuable insights on how a loan term will affect their bottom line.

Small Business Owners
Can See More With Their Finances

Small Business Finances

One-Way Sync Means Reviewing Without Touching

Want to play around with your vendors, or see what your financial situation would be like without a key client? With a quick one-way sync to existing accounting software, your business can do more with your data without worrying about compromising any financial data.

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Ideal for Accounting Professionals

Add Value to Your Services by Providing Critical Cash Flow Insight

Help your clients proactively identify cash flow gaps with 12-month financial forecasts based on AI-powered cutting edge technology. Forget spreadsheets, with ForwardAI Predict you can avoid labor-intensive manual forecasting and spend more time supporting your clients. Eliminate administrative headaches with our financial reports, white-label exportable advisor PDFs pre-built based on our automatic projections.

Our complimentary app is a fantastic way to expedite and expand your financial services as well as raise your own company profile.

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Advisory Report

Supported Leading Software Providers

  • We integrate with QuickBooks data


  • We integrate with Xero data