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September 2021 ForwardAI Update

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ForwardAI Announcement: PreciseMatch, Push Functionality, and a Better Business List 

Product updates 

We’re pleased to add the following list of features to the Precise API, Access partner portal, and Connect client portal:  

  • PreciseMatch 
  • Push Functionality 
  • Clearer Connections – A Better Business List 
  • ForwardAI Connect now allows credit card connections as well as banks 
  • ForwardAI Access now offers raw data CSV export options 
  • Payment history is now also available within Invoices/Bills API responses 
  • Extended search functionality for raw data points; search customer/vendor lists using names or bills/invoices using dates, amounts, or descriptions 
  • “Lead” Endpoint is depreciated and no longer available 
  • Can create businesses by directly calling “Create Business” endpoint
  • Financial Reports are now available under “Raw Data” to view and download 

ForwardAI disrupts small business lending with PreciseMatch 

At FinovateFall yesterday, we showcased our newest technology, PreciseMatch, a state-of-the-art intelligent API technology solution designed to fix data reliability issues in traditional business lending. Using an amalgamation of machine learning algorithms, statistical analysis, NLP, and custom-made rules, it intelligently identifies matching transactions in accounting and banking data and identifies suspicious activity.  

Want to see a private demo? Book a meeting with our sales team. 

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Push functionality is live 

We’re excited to announce the first live release of the ForwardAI Precise API’s Push functionality. Financial institutions can now deliver new services, build deeper relationships, and drive higher engagement with small business clients using this new feature. They can also offer value-added services that act as competitive differentiators and assist in attracting and retaining small business clients.  

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Clearer connections – a better business list 

In our latest Access portal update, we overhauled how we display connection insights and information so our users can understand their clients even better. Previously, we only offered the ability to show if a client was connected or not, but with our new user-friendly list, you can see a clear view of precisely what data streams are pending or fully connected. 

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