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Meet the Team: The Pets of ForwardAI

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Meet Sosa

Sosa is a Frenchie with a silly personality and a lot of attitude! Sosa is two years old and hefty for his breed, weighing a solid 30 pounds. Sosa loves treats, but he loves your food more and often tries to sneak a taste. He is an avid bird watcher and enjoys chasing them out of our yard. Sosa is also fantastic at catching. Unless you want your ball back, he is still working on that part. He loves scratches and invading your personal space with cuddles!

- Jag

Jag Sosa pet collage
Nikita Cadbury peg collage

Meet Cadbury

Cadbury is the name of my dog. I named him Cadbury because I love chocolates a lot. Cadbury was rescued by a pet organization, and I adopted him from there. He is so close to me and loves me very much. He never leaves me or allows anyone to touch me. He is only 3-4 months old, and he is pretty lazy. He is so lazy that he never barks at strangers. He loves to play with me. He is a bundle of joy in our house; he is not just my pet dog, but he is indeed a blessing in my life.

- Nikita

Meet Toto and Jelly Bean

Toto was a rescue from Taiwan. He was found in a parking lot, and brought to Canada by CERA. He is very much my wife’s dog and there is nowhere he would rather be than snuggled up to her.

Jelly Bean is turning 1 year old this month. He was born on a farm and loves to run around in our back garden. He is my son’s dog. I do not currently have my own pet, although Jelly Bean is fast becoming a family dog. Zachary (my son) is his favourite person!

- Andrew

Andrew Toto Jelly Bean pet collage

Meet Ellie, Cooper, and Dani

I have 3 dogs; 2 miniature dachshunds and a golden retriever (because what’s life without whimsy?)

Ellie, the oldest, will be 8 in June. She is a short-hair silver dapple mini dachshund, with 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye. Don’t be deceived by her small size of 12lbs; she runs the roost. Her favourite things are apples, carrots, snuggling with me, chasing after Boyce (my son) and staring daggers at anyone who disturbs her naps. She also loves to chase the neighbour’s cats that like to perch on the fence dividing the backyards. Ellie also responds to the names Ellie Bean, Smellie, and Beanie Baby. I always say I don’t have favourites, but everyone knows that’s not true; Ellie is my favourite.


Martiall Ellie Cooper Dani pet collage

Cooper, the middle, just turned 5 in March. He’s a long-hair black and tan mini dachshund, and the smallest of the pups, weighing in at 10lbs. His favourite things are anything that remotely resembles food, giving kisses, barking at the wind at 5 in the morning, and Ellie. He loves his big sister, they are a bonded pair. Cooper hates wearing his collar and will go absolutely crazy if you put one on him; zooming around the house trying to get it off of him.  People often think he’s a girl because he’s so slight and pretty, but that’s ok, he knows he’s pretty and appreciates the comments anyway. Cooper also responds to Pooper Trooper, Scooper, and Mini (like Mini Cooper).

Dani, the youngest, just turned 2 in March. She’s a beautiful golden retriever, with a big build, weighing in at 70lbs (on the large side for a female). Her favourite things are carrots, peanut butter, snuggles (she will lay right on top of you like a furry weighted blanket), Ellie and Cooper (even though they don’t much care for the 70lb puppy energy), the neighbour’s dog Milo (her “boyfriend”), and my son.  If she can’t find Boyce, she will howl and whine until she finds him. She’s very sweet and gentle (unless it’s a case of her not knowing her own strength), with very kind chocolate brown eyes. Dani also responds to Blondie, Golden Child, and Potato (long story).

- Martiall

Alex Tama Nori Ame pet collage

Meet Tama, Nori, Ame (pronounced Ah-Meh)

Nori the green budgie was adopted in August 2020 from her previous owner. She was named nori because she’s green like seaweed. Nori was very skittish and afraid of people at first, but she started to take a liking to us after we tried to play with her and give her treats for months.

Tama the cockatiel came later because we wanted a friend for Nori. But as it turns out, Tama and Nori don’t like each other, and Tama prefers us instead. She is always screaming for us when she can’t find us, but the moment she sees us and flies over, she becomes quiet. She also loves showers and always runs to the faucet when we’re doing the dishes.

Ame (pronounced Ah-Meh) the blue budgie was brought home because Tama and Nori couldn’t become friends. Ame is hyperactive and loves annoying Tama for fun. He is also in love with Nori and tries to impress her all the time with singing, flying, regurgitating, playing with toys, and just about anything a bird can do. Unfortunately, Nori prefers to be alone and would always bite him off, so there’s probably no chance of baby budgies here.

- Alex

Meet Luna and Bella

Attached are pics of my cats, Luna, and Bella. They are 18-month-old sisters. They’re hilarious and so very different. Bella (black cat) is the old soul and wise one. She’s more reserved and loves cuddles.

Luna (black and white cat) is smaller and thinks she’s a dog. She’ll literally start chasing a dog if there is one nearby. If I throw a toy, she’ll retrieve it and bring it back to me, so I can throw it again. They’re very close and often sleep closely together. That hasn’t changed since they were little.

- Sarah

Sarah Luna Bella pet collage
Jane Galavant Pips pet collage

Meet Galavant and Pips

Galavant (Gal) is a needy, loud, and intelligent 6-year-old Maine Coon mix. When I first saw Gal, she was around 7 months old, gravely ill in a shelter, and everyone thought she was a male. I opened her cage, and she hissed at first, only to jump straight into my arms and put both her front legs around my neck in a weird purring cat-hug. I brought her home the next day, took her to the vet, and she’s been my close companion ever since.

Gal insists on spending most of her day on her bed on my desk. Unfortunately, she suffers from extreme separation anxiety, so she’ll loudly yowl for hours when I leave my home or lock her away from me. She’s come on vacation before and is excellent at walking on a leash in campsites and forests. Her favourite things include cuddles, trying to steal buttons off shirts, playing fetch with toys, and sitting on shoulders like an unwieldy parrot.

Pips is a 2-year-old cat I adopted right before the pandemic. Her mum was part of a nearby feral colony and had stunted growth, and Pips is tiny as well. You can often see Pips in the background of my camera looking out the window, watching for flappy snacks (birds) and guarding against pernicious squirrels. She often chitters at birds like a tiger chuffs. Pips is a very independent lady and prefers to follow me around to watch what I’m doing rather than actively cuddle. Her favourite things are head bonks, treats, grooming Gal, and her mouse on a stick toy, which she gets to play with for a solid 10-30 minutes each day.

- Jane


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