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Meet the Team: Abhi Mehta

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Blog: Meet the Team: Abhi Metha Sales Development Representative

This month, we would love to introduce you to one of our most passionate team members, Abhishek Mehta. Abhi is a Sales Development Representative that’s been working tirelessly to help connect lenders with our Precise API since he joined the team in early 2022.

Many of your previous roles have been roles that keep you face-to-face with people. What specifically interests you in working in sales?

I love dealing with people. Different people, and different mindsets, dealing with each of them is an experience in itself, good or bad. All those experiences make me who I am today, a collective of perspectives.


What does a typical workday for you look like?

I follow a specific routine that helps me streamline everyday activities. For example, I always spend Monday on administrative work. I’ll check and make notes, research new prospects, review which contacts have been responsive, and reflect on how successful my outreach has been compared to the previous week. Then I think about how I can improve and do better for the future.


Do you ever find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Sometimes. A work-from-home job is flexible, but I miss the in-person interaction I’m used to from working in an office.

When I’m not working 9-to-5, I work out, play video games with friends, and like to cook. I also read books often; my current selection is Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty.


What makes your job easy? What makes it difficult?

I look to my coworkers for tips when I get caught in new or difficult situations. Most of the time, I listen to their advice, and it’s spot-on. Other times, they don’t have an answer, and I have to rely on my experience and instincts.

Working in sales at a newer start-up isn’t a simple choice- it’s a difficult job proportionate to the company’s popularity. Luckily, I’m always ready for a challenge! The better our reputation gets, the easier I’ve found it to reach new contacts and get the word out about our products. It’s definitely helped that in the time I’ve been here, we’ve grown significantly, announcing several large clients in the past few months.


What’s the most exciting part of working at a start-up?

The atmosphere here is dynamic. There’s a lot of brainstorming and exchanging ideas about prospecting. I also love our bimonthly brainstorming free lunch event. The office equipment stipend was also pretty helpful in helping me create a comfortable workspace in my home!

Really though, the most exciting part about working at ForwardAI is how I personally feel about the services we provide. In my experience working with several start-ups, I have never felt this confident before! This role has been an incredible opportunity for me to prove to myself that I have what it takes to contribute to the takeoff of a company. I know for a fact that ForwardAI has the potential to set a new industry benchmark, and I want to be a crucial part and a reason for it happening.


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