ForwardAI Supports Banks with the Release of Predict-as-a-Service

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News: ForwardAI Supports Banks with the Release of Predict-as-a-Service title card

Predict-as-a-Service offers banks and financial institutions a new way to engage, retain, and capture small business clients.


Today at Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas, ForwardAI released Predict-as-a-Service, an advanced client-facing cash flow forecasting and planning tool designed for financial institutions and fintech to seamlessly add to their small business (SMB) client experience.

Predict-as-a-Service - Cash Flow for SMB Clients

Harnessing the deep data insights previously locked away in accounting data, this technology makes it simple for banks and other financial institutions to seamlessly upgrade their small business offerings. SMB clients of an institution will find a premium product that will add significant value to their banking experience by creating actionable cash flow scenarios based on real-time information, provide opportunity for highly personalized financing offers, and showcase early warnings about predicted cash flow gaps.

With Predict-as-a-Service, a bank can instantly differentiate itself from competitors with at-a-glance insights and a highly interactive tool that will keep eyes on their brand and visitors on their website. To learn more, get in touch with our sales team today.

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