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Why WFH Works for ForwardAI: An Overview for National WFH Day

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If you’ve been on LinkedIn in the past couple of years, you probably noticed that the number of posts with hashtags #remote, #wfh, and #homeoffice had increased significantly. Many businesses and companies of all sizes have transitioned to working remotely, and 87% of workers who were offered remote work embraced it heartily.

Founded amid the global pandemic, promoting a flexible work culture is a core value for ForwardAI. On National Work from Home Day, we wanted to take the time to reflect on why staying flexible is critical to our employee’s well-being and how we ensure everyone stays connected.


Working when and where it’s best for you

Being a truly global and remote company, we have team members from around the globe, all located in different time zones. You sometimes work with people a few hours or even half a day ahead or behind your time. Meetings and calls can happen at odd hours, making it an excellent opportunity to work when you feel most efficient, not just when the traditional office would be open.

Dolly Parton’s “9-5” is quickly being replaced by flexible schedules as “the new normal.” People have different lifestyles, priorities, and responsibilities like children or pets that can make working from home ideal. 

Work-life balance is a priority for us at ForwardAI. Being a remote-first company, we want to ensure that our employees have the flexibility they need to stay healthy.


Create a comfortable home office (on our dime)

Before the pandemic, most people worked in offices where at most, they had a cubicle or desk to make minimal changes to. There was never a need to have a nice office setup at home. While some companies have helped their employees to work from home during the transition, not everyone has had the chance or budget to set up a comfortable home office that makes them feel ready to work.

The good news? ForwardAI offers our employees a home office fund to help them get comfortable in their new workplace. Is there a standing desk that you’ve been eyeing for a long time? Maybe a high-end ergonomic chair? Something else you’ve had on your wishlist? We know how important it is to be comfortable with where you’re working and support what you need to get there.


Three weeks’ vacation so you can recharge throughout the year

Having three weeks (15 working days) of vacation means more time off for you to schedule them how you like. Fatigue from work is normalized, and we encourage our employees to take time off if they need it. Whether that means a day off to enjoy the serene nature on a nice day or a week-long vacation down in the sunny Caribbean, it is up to you how you choose to use them.


…and all the other perks you’d expect from a good employer

We provide extended, comprehensive health benefits, including vision, dental, prescription, and accidental insurance depending on location. We offer competitive salaries and prioritize promoting internally to recognize the results our team members produce. We also offer a casual dress policy – for internal calls, you can wear what makes you perform the best as long as you still look ready to work. No judging if you work best in a full-on suit and tie over sweatpants and a sweater, though!


Our team members deserve the best

On National Work from Home Day, we wanted to look back and see how putting our employees’ welfare at the core of our working culture and policies has left everyone better off. As a remote-first company, we focus on building a work environment that can best support the team and their physical and mental well-being.

While many excel in their own space, we recognize that some people want to return to the office for different reasons, and we

Are you looking for a company that prioritizes your well-being and lets you see a clear impact of your work on a global scale? ForwardAI is hiring! Visit the ForwardAI careers page to see our open jobs. 

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