The Bookkeeping Side Hustle: Resource Rundown with Forwardly

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The Bookkeeping Side Hustle: Meet Nick Chandi from Forwardly

Our CEO, Nick Chandi, sat down with Kate Josephine Johnson from The Bookkeeping Side Hustle and shared valuable insights into the transformative power of their real-time payment platform for small businesses. Chandi highlighted how Forwardly stands out in addressing cash flow challenges, emphasizing its ability to make funds instantly available once a payment is received—a game changer for businesses accustomed to traditional, slower payment methods.

Nick’s expertise, drawn from over two decades in the accounting industry, clearly shines through as he discusses the intricacies of Forwardly. The platform’s seamless integration with accounting systems like QuickBooks Online and Xero and its instant payment feature underscores the commitment to ease and efficiency. Learn why Forwardly is revolutionizing B2B payment in the US for small business owners and bookkeepers alike, underlining the importance of adopting innovative payment solutions and a modern accounting workflow, which is vital in today’s world.

Don’t miss out on this insightful interview full of helpful advice and forward-thinking strategies to gain a deeper understanding of how Forwardly can revolutionize your business payments. Listen to the full interview on The Bookkeeping Side Hustle’s YouTube channel.

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