PayPod Interview: Importance of Cash Flow Management for Small and Medium Sized Businesses with Nick Chandi of ForwardAI

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Tune in to the latest episode of PayPod: The Payments and Fintech Podcast featuring ForwardAI!

🎙️ Join CEO Nick Chandi and host Jacob Hollabaugh as they dive into captivating conversations on the latest developments in the payments and fintech industry.  In this episode, Nick uncovers the untold truth behind early startup failures focusing on the mistake of poor cash flow management. He unveils the incredible potential of real-time payments and his thoughts on upcoming trends. For any entrepreneur or business owner, you don’t want to miss Nick’s conversation interview with Jacob.

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Payments & Fintech Insights In This Episode
  • Nick’s long experience with real-time payments
  • The solutions ForwardAI offers
  • The importance of data and analytics for businesses
  • Nick gives insights on AI and ForwardAI
  • FedNow is coming around the corner and its impact on ForwardAI
  • Preventing Fraud when it comes to RTP
  • Nick advises business owners
  • And so much more!

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