EP386: Nick Chandi – Revolutionizing Payments With Instant Services

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Press EP386_ Spotlight - Nick Chandi - Revolutionizing Payments With Instant Services Title Card

In an age marked by the speed of instant gratification, it is undeniably true that the United States is trailing behind Asia and other countries in adopting real-time payment technologies. We may have digital transactions and payments that seem instant, but even these rely on an old system of checks and balances within our banks to resolve.

Nick Chandi, CEO and Co-founder of Forwardly, brings his expert insight into this episode of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast on all things Forwardly and why he created the first real-time payment solution for small businesses in the United States. Forwardly, a platform that can automatically reconcile transactions for a more seamless and modern payment workflow. Listen now on The Successful Bookkeeper.

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