Changelog: 2022-09-16

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Changelog: 2022-09-16 title card

The support for the Precise API V1 will end on November 30th, 2022. Users should make the switch to V2 as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

Data types

  • Added new attribute to Line Item: “lineItem.discountAmount”
    • This new attribute gives a separate discount amount entry for each line item, giving users better analysis capabilities.

Raw Data

  • Added new attribute to Invoices and Bills: “totalDiscount”
    • This new attribute returns the total discount amount applied to the invoice as a whole.

Derived Data

  • Added new derived data: EBITDA
    • This new KPI can help financial institutions quickly grasp a company’s operating performance.

Wave API Integration

  • Enhanced Reconnect and Sync functionalities
    • Users can now acquire a fresh token when their token expires with the Reconnect functionality, and sync real-time data with the Sync functionality.

Xero API Integration

  • Enhanced Push functionality for better consistency & standardization
    • Users can now push their data to Xero with the push functionality.
  • Added support for the following endpoints in API v2: Chart of Accounts, Customer, Vendor, Invoice, Bill, Invoice Payment, and Bill Payment

Predict as a Service Improvements

  • Added sorting order to the Cash Flow tabular view
    • Users can now sort the tabular cash flow table based on multiple criteria.

Admin Control Panel Updates

  • Distributed banking integration based on selected sandbox/production environment
    • Users can now seamlessly switch between the sandbox and the production environment.
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