Changelog: 2022-05-12

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ForwardAI's May 12th, 2022 Changelog

Sage Intacct API Integration

  • Added Push functionality for Bills and Invoices Attachments

Sage Business Cloud API Integration

  • Sync enhancements and performance improvements

MYOB API Integration

  • Sync enhancements and performance improvements

Predict as a Service Improvements

  • Added Business Settings and Account Settings sections
  • Enable manual syncing of data from SME user

Precise API Improvements

  • Added field “website” in Business object
  • Added a new endpoint to disconnect a business
  • Added “createdAt” and “updatedAt” fields in raw data entities
  • Better handling of transactions that do not have any contact linked
  • Added new endpoint for Cashflow summary
  • Fixed missing description field in Journals for QBO created through APIs

Other Improvements/Fixes

  • Long term cash flow improvements in “Retained Earnings” and “Undeposited Funds”
  • Handle customer refunds in Payments
  • Representation of business data based on time zone defined by a particular institute
  • General UI improvements
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