Changelog: 2022-01-05

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Changelog: 2022-01-05 Update title card

QuickBooks Online API Integration

  • Added Contact info for Purchase Order

Xero API Integration

  • Improvement in Raw Data Taxes

MYOB Essentials API Integration

  • Enhanced Bill Payments to prevent missing data
  • Enhanced Sync functionality

Zoho Books API Integration

  • Handled an issue where some transactions were being duplicated after sync
  • Added support for companies from multiple zones and countries

Sage Business Cloud API Integration

  • Push Data functionality added for more entities
  • Implemented reconnect functionality
  • Additional Business Info screens in ForwardAI Connect

SAASU API Integration

  • Additional Business Info screens in ForwardAI Connect

Reckon API Integration

  • Additional Business Info screens in ForwardAI Connect

Administrative Portal Improvements

  • Added metadata to exported Portfolio Overview report, including Institute name, Sync Date, Date Range, Benchmark

Long Term Forecasting Improvements

  • Added ability to forecast with less than two years of available data
  • Improvement in logic for COA – Profit for the Year and Retained Earning
  • Cash flow improvement for Depreciation prediction
  • Improved predictions for Current & Future Month Improved onboarding: Handled business duplication while onboarding so that a company cannot be added twice

Other API Improvements/Fixes

  • Fixed decimal figure issue
  • Change the data type of Business Ratios from string to number
  • Add option for CSV export under raw data tabs
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