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Predict Core Feature Overview

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This article will give you some insight into the core features of ForwardAI Predict.


This is the tab that summarizes the available data and creates a visual representation of the firm’s financial strength with respect to its cash flow movement.


Business Score


Business Score

This highlights the financial assessment of a company based on key performance indicators, current and historical accounting information, account history, and financial risks associated with your company.

Outstanding Balance

This provides the total balance of unpaid invoices and bills as of the current date. The numbers should be similar to what’s available in the Aging Report in your accounting software.

Outstanding Invoices & Bills

Profit & Loss Overview

This gives the overall value of total income and expenditure by the firm in last 12 months

Profit & Loss Overview

For more detailed understanding of various features of Cash Flow, visit Cash Flow.


Plan a Scenario

Plan a Scenario can be used to test out new strategies for comparing, evaluating, and managing your future cash flow.


To see more tips and tricks for utilizing projections and custom scenarios, please see Plan a Scenario.


Advisory Reports

In this tab, you can create a PDF report that shows a concise view of your firm’s activity based on system & added projections. The report highlights the significant elements and changes in individual financial reports.

Check out Advisory Reports for details.


Business Settings

Business Settings

This section is business profile where you can add or remove users and update any information related to your business.

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